Christian-Based Learning

At White Horse Christian Academy we use a combination of different curriculums.  We tailor curriculum to meet your child's individual needs based on their education level, learning style and specific needs.

Different Curriculums

BJU Press -

BJU Press is committed to Christian education. Christian teachers and administrators play a crucial role in educating students for the next generation. To support Christian educators, BJU Press produces textbooks and materials that shape a biblical worldview, are academically rigorous, encourage critical thinking, and are supported with technology solutions. Our Core Values  - Biblical Worldview, Academic Rigor, Critical Thinking and Technology Solutions.

Alpha Omega Academy -

Offering online, CD-ROM, and print formats, as well as an Alliance Program with our accredited online academy, Alpha Omega Publications has the Bible-based core subjects and electives you need to teach your students successfully.

MobyMax -

MobyMax offers all subjects in a complete solution.  Teachers are able to monitor progress, administer diagnostic tests and assessments, create daily goals, create adaptive lessons, and create Individual Education Plans for each student.  Through the new Touch Curriculum MobyMax offers thousands of manipulatives designed for greater engagement and deeper learning.

Abeka Book -

For over forty years, schools and homeschooling families have trusted Abeka to provide materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give you all the tools you need to make learning interesting and memorable.

Khan Academy -

Khan Academy serves to inspire, instruct and guide its users' learning. Their platform contains practice exercises, instructional videos, dashboard analytics and teacher tools which empower learners in and outside of the classroom to study at their own pace. Their learning experience adapts to each individual, helps them to see their progress and goals, creates personalized recommendations about what to learn next and motivates them to master the skills they seek.


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