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Distance Learning


White Horse Christian Academy offers distant learning to students grades 5 - 12. We use an internet based curriculum that allows families to create a schedule so the student is successful in school and in their extracurricular activities. Students who graduate from White Horse Christian Academy have a diploma and transcript from an accredited private school and are prepared to pursue their individual goals after high school.

Things to know about Distant Learning 

Students who succeed in distant learning are those who are independent and self-motivated.

Most Students need a minimum of 3-4 hours daily, 4 days per week, to complete their work.

Math tutorials are available.

Students who struggle academically in public school will likely struggle in the distant learning program as well.

Like so many things in life, you will get out of the distant learning program what you put into it. If the student wants to learn, they will. If the student chooses to put out very little effort, they will get very little education.

Student requirements for successful Distant Learning

Good Wifi - cell hotspots are unreliable and invite disrupted service.

A Laptop or Chromebook

An independent and self-motivated attitude

An engaged adult, parent or tutor when needed

Our Distant Learning Curriculum

Ignitia is a versatile online Christian curriculum with dynamic, Christ-centered lessons and interactive features designed for students in grades 3 - 12. Here are a couple things to note about our curriculum:

Ignitia reassigns student work if a grade is less than 70. You will have 3 opportunities to score above 70.

Ignitia will read aloud many things, but that is the only accommodation available. Students with 504 or special education accommodations would likely find Ignitia very challenging.

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